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Original Tips Vs King Tips

What is the difference between our original tips and our King tips? While both products are fully biodegradable, there are a bunch few details that set them apart.  Our original tips are perfect for standard Buckets / Quartz Bangers because they are short, and have a pointed end to get in the crevasse. For Most Terp Slurpers, Control Towers Blenders & XXL bangers they sometimes get to short and get harder to reach down to the bottom. Our King Tips solve that problem. The Extra long handle makes it perfect to get into the deepest terp slurper, blender charmer, or Control Tower. 5 times the cotton, you will only need one swab to clean!  Don’t forget to pair either tip...

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Why should you use Quartzsaver?

Quartz bangers are a type of nail used in dab rigs for vaporizing Cannabis concentrates. It is important to keep them clean to expand the lifespan of the Quartz Banger & have an overall better dabbing experience. Having a "chazzed" (Burnt or black banger) can affect the taste of the concentrate or affect the temperature of the nail.  A dirty banger may not heat up as efficiently or evenly, which can impact the overall experience of the dab. Using Quartzsaver can help to remove any residual concentrate or buildup that may have accumulated on the banger, as well as help to restore the shine to the quartz. It is also important to clean your banger regularly to prevent the buildup of bacteria,...

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